Introducing the Number1

The entertainment lighting industry didn’t need yet another USB DMX interface. It needed a Number1.



The Number1 is the first hardware running Open Lighting Embedded (OLE) and designed specifically for use with the Open Lighting Architecture™ (OLA).  Number1 is ideal for those wanting to control DMX/RDM devices from OLA or people wanting to test RDM equipment.

For information on how to use the Number1, see the OLE User Manual.

Hardware Features:

  • One bidirectional DMX512 ports supporting Remote Device Management (RDM, E1.20). Dual port hardware (pictured) is available on request*.
  • DMX512 Ports are galvanically isolated to 2500V.
  • EMI and Surge Protection on the USB Port.
  • DMX512 ports have user-selectable RDM Biasing and Termination
  • Timing subsystem allows the measurement and analysis of RDM and DMX512 signals.
  • Reprogrammable via USB using DFU, or directly using ICSP
  • USB port is OTG ready, for future applications.
  • Power LED and three customizable status LEDs
  • Onboard temperature sensor

Software Features, Controller Mode

  • Can be combined with a host running OLA and used as a DMX/RDM controller.
  • Provides RDM Response Timing accurate to 1/5th of a microsecond. Timing parameters include:
    • Response Delay
    • Break Time
    • Mark Time
  • Designed for use with the RDM Responder Tests. Validates both RDM data & signal timing.

Software Features, Responder Mode

  • Simulates many different types of RDM devices including:
    • Moving Light
    • LED driver
    • RDM Proxy, which will ACK_TIMER all requests to child devices
    • A sensor only device (DMX footprint of 0)
    • A dimmer, with sub-devices & status messages.
  • Supports all RDM PIDs from E1.20, E1.37-1 and E1.37-2 standards.
  • Configurable RDM response delay, with an option to introduce jitter
  • Identify and Mute status LED indicators

Software Features, General

  • USB Serial Port Logging (requires Mac OS 10.7 and above or Linux).
  • Support for Linux & Mac.

*Software support for multiple ports is not completed yet. See Issue #251.