RDM Responder Tests

The RDM Responder Tests are an automated testing suite for RDM Responders. Testing RDM Responses previously involved connecting an RDM Controller and sending commands to the responder, verifying the behavior matched what was expected. This can be a time consuming process and many of the corner cases aren’t exercised.

The RDM Responder Tests automate all of this and provide a detailed breakdown of how well a responder complies with the E1.20 (RDM) standard. This saves time during the product development process and raises the quality of RDM implementations across the industry.

The tests use the OLA Python Client API to send RDM commands using the Open Lighting Architecture (OLA). They can be run from the command line, or alternatively there is a web interface. Read what people in the industry have to say about the RDM Responder Tests.


Test Requirements

To run the RDM Responder tests, you need the following:

  1. One of the of the supported USB devices
  2. A computer with OLA and the RDM Responder Test software installed
  3. A computer to view the webpage or command line interface (usually this is the same computer as #2)

The RDM Responder tests can run on any platform that OLA runs on. The easiest way to get started with the tests is to use a $35 Raspberry Pi. See the Getting Started page to install and setup the testing software.