The Open Lighting Project has developed a number of tools to aid in the development and testing of RDM enabled products.

RDM Responder Tests

The RDM Responder Tests are an automated testing suite for RDM Responders. With over 400 test cases, it provides extensive test coverage of the PIDs in E1.20 & E1.37-1. The tests are designed to save time during the product development process and raise the quality of RDM implementations across the industry.


The RDM PID Store contains the PID definitions for more than 170 manufacturer PIDs. This allows controller to build human-friendly user interfaces and avoids requiring end users to enter raw PID data.

RDM Analyzers

RDM Analyzers (sometimes referred to as Sniffers) decode RDM packets on the wire and are very useful for debugging and troubleshooting. The Open Lighting Project provides Analyzers built on the Enttec USB Pro and the Saleae Logic.

Dummy Responders

The Dummy Responders are built in to OLA. They simulate RDM Devices and are useful for testing RDM-over-IP protocols like ArtNet and the upcoming E1.33 (RDMNet).