The Team

Simon Newton

IRC: nomis52
Projects: Founder of Open Lighting Project, Open Lighting Architecture
Location: San Francisco, CA

Simon grew up in Perth, Australia and has been building lighting control systems since primary school. He started what became the Open Lighting Project as his final year university project. Simon is a member of the PLASA Control Protocols Working Group and chairs the E1.37-2 and E1.37-5 Task Groups. Simon is actively involved development of the sACN, RDM and RDMNet ANSI standards.

Peter Newman

IRC: PeterNewman
Projects: Contributor Open Lighting Architecture
Location: United Kingdom

Sean Sill

IRC: SeanSill
Projects: Contributor for Open Lighting
Location: Lancaster, PA

Sean Sill works as a independent consultant designing embedded systems and working for the Entertainment Industry.

John Musarra

IRC: MightyMu
Projects: Testing for Open Lighting Architecture, web development
Location: Las Vegas, NV

John is a lighting technican working for Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas.



  • Bastien Andrès, contributed to the dmx4linux plugin
  • Carsten Presser , Karate Light plugin
  • Douglas Heriot
  • Hakan Lindestaf, Renard plugin
  • Harry F, for the Eurolite USB Pro code
  • Heikki Junnila, bug fixes for the Debian packaging files
  • Laurent (Renzo), Debian packages, FreeBSD & RDM testing
  • Joshua Moyerman, various changes
  • Masaki Muranaka, various patches
  • Nicolas, for the win32 port of libartnet
  • Ravindra Nath Kakarla, RDM Test Server (Part of Google Summer of Code 2012 ).
  • Rowan Maclachlan (hippy) for various changes
  • Rui Barreiros for the FTDI plugin
  • Tobi Schäfer, for the MacPort files
  • Victoria Tisdale, Google Summer of Code 2013