• Andrew Frazer, who sponsored the development of ola_trigger with a RDM USB Pro
  • Eric Johnson, for both hosting the server used to test & debug much of the original RDM code and donating a Wybron Infogate.
  • Florian from who donated a StageProfi and a USBDMX2
  • Shaun Jackman, who answered questions about the Pathport Protocol


Anyma donated a uDMX artisticlicenseArtistic License provided a Net-Lynx & Down-Lynx for Art-Net / RDM testing and a Rail-Tran to test RDM. Cool NeonCool Neon Lighting sent a string of P9813 pixels.
creativelightingCreative Lighting, provided a SLAMMO XC-1 & ADDICT for RDM testing.  ELC, donated a dmXLAN Node 2 Buddy eldoled EldoLED, donated a RDM Responder
enttecEnttec, provided a DMX USB Pro. ETC ETC who loaned a Net3 Gateway for DNS-SD testing. goddard Goddard Design, who made available a MiniDMXter provided a DMXking USB DMX512-A, Ultra RDM Pro & eDMX1 jeseJESE, provided a DMX-TRI, RDM-TRI & Tempest Enclosure to test the RDM implementation. ljusdesignLjusDesign AB who donated 7 RDM splitters.
lumenradioLumenRadio who provided a Nova TX2 RDM, Nova RX RDM and Nova FX units and a Raspberry Pi. martin-logoMartin Professional A/S which loaned a Mac 700 for RDM testing Milford Instruments who sent 3 RDMChips and a 1-553 512 Channel Serial to DMX Transmitter for testing.
robeROBE Lighting who loaned a Robe Universal Interface and Robin 600 sandsysSandsys, donated a SandBox The Software Freedom Law Center, for ongoing legal support.
SoundLight who sent a 3604PWM-H & 3202R-H device. West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) for access to a Strand Lighting console. zero88Zero 88 who donated a Betapack 3