Open Lighting Architecture

The Open Lighting Architecture is a software framework for distributing lighting control information. It can run as a standalone service and convert between protocols or be used via the client APIs. OLA runs on a many different platforms including ARM, which makes it a perfect fit for low cost Ethernet to DMX gateways.

RDM Tools

The Open Lighting Project has developed a number tools for testing RDM implementations. From the Automated RDM Responder Tests to RDM Packet Analyzers, testing RDM gear has never been easier.

OLA on the Raspberry Pi

A step-by-step tutorial is available on installing OLA on a Raspberry Pi. With the right hardware, you can be running OLA within minutes. The Raspberry Pi has an SPI output so it can drive LED pixels directly. The OLA LED Pixel tutorial covers controlling pixel strings using OLA on a Pi.