Open Lighting Project News – March 2015

Welcome to the March issue of OLPN, the newsletter for the Open Lighting Project community. Topics covered in this issue include:

  • OLA Release 0.9.5
  • New Web UI for OLA
  • Python API improvements
  • Open Lighting Project at USITT
  • and more

OLA Release 0.9.5

OLA version 0.9.5 was released on the first of March [1]. This minor release improves Windows support and fixes some build problems present in 0.9.4. It also provides a preview of the new Web UI.


New Web UI for OLA

Dave Olsthoorn has been hard at work rewriting the OLA Web UI. A preview of the new UI is included in the 0.9.5 release and can be found by navigating to the “New UI (Beta)” link at the bottom of the existing UI page.

If you have any feedback or bug reports please open an issue on GitHub [2]


New Python examples and progress towards Python 3 support.

Simon Marchi submitted changes to clean up the Python API and add more sample code, including a patch / unpatch example [3]. Simon also started work to upgrade the client to support Python 3.


Open Lighting Project at USITT 2015

Sean Sill & Simon Newton from the Open Lighting Project will be presenting a session [4] at the upcoming USITT conference in Cincinnati [5]. Titled “The Open Lighting Project. Open Source software for the Entertainment Industry”, the session looks at the use of FOSS software in the theatrical market. The session is 2pm Saturday in room Duke 205.

If you’re visiting USITT and are able to distribute flyers for the project, please contact Simon or Sean.


Updated Project Logos

Douglas Heriot created new logos for the Open Lighting Project [6]. The logo sources have also been moved to a new Repository under the Open Lighting Project [7].


Upcoming Announcement

The Open Lighting Project will be announcing a new product at USITT. Stay tuned!

Open Lighting Architecture at the Embedded Linux Conference.

Matt Ranostay will be presenting “Open Lighting Architecture: Blinky Lights!” [8] at the Embedded Linux Conference [9] in San Jose, March 23 – 25.


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This issue of Open Lighting Project News was edited by Simon Newton and John Musarra.